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The ActOnThisTV Audio Experience

Feb 28, 2017

After 16 years playing the role of Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, Julie Hesmondhalgh has become a UK national treasure!

Since leaving the show a couple of years back, she's gone on to land parts in some incredible dramas - including a new lead in series 3 of ITV's 'Broadchurch' - which started LAST NIGHT!

I gave...

Feb 25, 2017

This one's gonna divide opinion folks - but that's why I had to address it!

In this episode of #FiveToThrive, I talk about the hordes of actors out there, who think they are way too 'fancy', to be working on anything for FREE.

I personally think this is a short-sighted, GUARANTEED way to LOSE in the acting...

Feb 24, 2017

Join me LIVE next time -

I'll be honest - in this Periscope replay, I have a bit of a nuclear RANT - but it's all for the greater good!

Over the last 18 months, I've seen the emergence of dozens of companies, all vying for actors' money.

The problem is that half of these companies...

Feb 23, 2017

Join me LIVE next time -

In this Periscope replay, I dive back inside 'The Present' by the AWESOME Spencer Johnson - for the FINAL TIME!

'The Present' is an engaging story of a young man's journey to adulthood, and his search for the 'present', a mysterious and elusive gift he first...

Feb 21, 2017

I've had a fair few emails recently, from actors who are feeling low, and want to give up.

We've all been there - so don't panic if that's YOU right now.

I decided to pull out my phone and call up my friend Rob James-Collier (Downton Abbey, The Level) to get his take on things.

Have a listen!

If you are an actor who has...