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The ActOnThisTV Audio Experience

Aug 25, 2016

Today, I want to ask you to start being kinder to yourself.

I've spoken to lots of people who are being way too critical of themselves recently.

In this #FiveToThrive episode I share an awesome story, which will make you see your 'cracks' and 'flaws' for the 'gifts' they really are!

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Aug 19, 2016

Mornings? You either love them or HATE them!

I must admit, I pretty much disliked them for 33 years.

Recently, that has all changed and my life has seen RADICAL, POSITIVE change!

Listen to this #FiveToThrive podcast and learn how to create a 100-minute morning routine, that will transform you into a productivity rock...

Aug 13, 2016

You've done your audition and you think you did a great job... for 10 minutes at least!

Then you let the f*cking 'doubt monster' creep in don't you?

In this week's #FiveToThrive I give you my 4-step strategy to kill that little sh*t for good! :)

If you are an actor who has a higher vision for yourself and your career,...