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The ActOnThisTV Audio Experience

May 10, 2021

Got something a bit different for you today folks - a podcast episode from a friend of mine - Matt Hall, from 'Rich In Success'.

Matt used to be actor and has since transitioned to become a business and mindset coach.

In this episode of his podcast, we simply jumped on Zoom for a chat about all things life and success!

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MEET ROSS ► Actor, presenter and high-performance coach. I've been training, working, and coaching in the TV industry for over 20 years. Today I work regularly as an actor in top TV drama, voice TV commercials, corporate work and animation, for some of the biggest networks on the planet, and speak regularly on stages, up and down the country, on what it takes to have success as an actor in an ever-evolving business.


ACT ON THIS ► In 2011, I launched Act On This - The TV Actors' Network - giving actors the business education that even the most prestigious drama schools still fail to deliver. Today is the TV industry's LEADING knowledge platform - hosting hundreds of hours of audio and video interviews with the BIGGEST casting directors, agents, BAFTA and Oscar-winning actors, writers and producers in the business.


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